Landscape Irrigation

An automated sprinkler system is the key to a beautiful landscape. Proper design and layout is critical when designing and installing a sprinkler system. Scenic Landscape, Inc. spends the time to calculate the water pressure and flow at your residence to determine the number of watering zones needed. This is a crucial part of the design. If the calculations are not exact, you may end up with zones that do not water evenly, which means wasted money and water. We will survey the area to be irrigated and come up with a design that meets the needs of your property and also provide you with the knowledge of when to water and how often.

Most homeowners install a sprinkler system with the thought that the more they water the better their lawn and plants will look. This is not true and in fact will do more harm than good. Every system we design is installed with a rain sensor, which conserves water, saves money, and prevents from over watering. In order to deliver you the best system possible, we are dedicated to top quality installation practices using commercial grade materials designed to last in all of our systems, giving you years of worry free service.

We have been installing systems for over 20 years and know what products hold up to New England weather conditions. During installation, we use top of the line equipment to insure minimal damage to your landscape. We use a vibratory plow for trenchless pipe installation and a boring system for walkways and driveways. In most cases you can’t even tell we were there a week later, other than your lawn looks greener and healthier! Scenic Landscape, Inc. maintains all the systems we install and is available for any repairs if needed.